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Description:   The Socket Streams library is an implementation of the C++ Standard Library IOStreams over the POSIX socket interface.

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Media Library Studio Listening music? Watching movies? Playing games? You will always find what you want. New excelent library program for your media. Everything free to try for your first 30 media. Unbelievable support for IMDB info. You will be informed about each movie in your collection. With ...

MLStreams The MLStreams(mls) library is a thread-safe, streams library written in C++. The library is an extension of the C++ iostreams heirarchy. Customized streams provide support for sockets, shared memory, pipes and text files.

Simple Event Library A Simple Event Library for C programs on a POSIX operating system.This library allows you to easily mix file and socket I/O with timed events and makes is easy to write event driven C programs.All events are handled by callback functions.

sWrapper A socket wrapper library for Unix and Linux platforms. Allows use of sockets in programs without needing knowledge of socket programming.

Asynchronous Socket Library Asynchronous socket library, providing event-driven socket programming la MFC CAsyncSocket. The socket library can also be used in blocking mode as an ordinary C++ socket library.

BB's Socket Library This is an object oriented, thread based socket library, written in C++. It may be included in any GUI or console programs to handle sockets easily.The server socket part has not been finished yet.

Common UNIX Programming Library CUPL (Common UNIX Programming Library) is a library which includes some common functions developers need.Config parser, pre-forked daemon library, BSD socket interface and so.This library provides common interface to UNIX programmers and saves your time.

CPP Socket library CPPSocket is a small Classlibrary for C++ that supports an easy usage of socket-programming for networking-software. It provides a simple object-oriented interface to the classic C Library calls.

Ez Socket Library EzSocket is a socket library written in C.The aim of EzSocket's existence is to decrease the required source code that it should writes a programmer in order to create a client or server socket.Get a server or client socket with only one function.

Java Media Utilities Java utility to process media content streams. The library allows users to read video streams in various formats (particularly MPEG1/2) and process them in order to classify frames. A pluggable framework is provided to easily plug-in custom algorithms

Socket ProcesS sps (Socket ProcesS) is a Python script which shows which processes are using which TCP port numbers, or which process is using a particular TCP port. It runs on Linux 2.2 and 2.4.

SocketRocket A simple socket server that lets you send/receive data via TCP on a given port. The data to send can be defined in an XML form and can be altered on the fly before sending. Given the flexibility you can spoof whole sessions to test ...

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